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Community E-commerce confronts the Shortcomings of Community Service

Community e-commerce and community business confronts the shortcomings of community service, while they bring convenience to the citizens. At the 2017 Beijing International Fair Trade for in Services, the participating enterprises deeply exchange their points about some hot issues on the "New Ecology: community ecosphere of the Internet era " forum.


Viewpoint 1: Separate services and processing.

Products, services and storefronts are the three major elements of laundry's quality, which are closely related to laundry's reputation, image and economic benefits. For a large online shop, including online Internet terminals, how to carry out quality supervision of high standards is a big problem for community e-commerce.


As for how to control the quality of laundry, Zhang Rongyao, the chairman of E Daixi, showes his view that the "processing moves towards processing and service moves to mutual help among neighbors". Zhang Rongyao said, in general, when we refer to the laundry industry, it will be classified as service industry. However, in his opinion, taking and sending belong to service, and laundry belongs to the processing industry. Thus, the laundry industry's service co- efficiency may be 10% or 20%, and can rapidly integrate with Internet.


Viewpoint 2: Domestic business aims at satisfying the needs of quality economy.

From time to time, homemaking industry might be exposed to negative events. So people mainly focuses on homemaking industry, as online domestic enterprises, how to make people in the use of domestic service more at ease and more comfortable. Fu Yansheng, the chairman of Guan Jiabang expresses his views on this.


He believes that the industry, including domestic industry, truly aiming at meeting the needs of quality economy, can really do a good job.  The service among people is the most difficult service, because every family and every service has their own standards, and domestic service is more difficult than those harder services, Fu Yansheng says. Last year, the domestic trading volume is more than 2 trillion Yuan, showing more than 30% of annual growth rate. Domestic industry plays an important role in driving GDP.


Viewpoint 3: Advocate advisory elderly-care.

With aging increasingly emerging, community elder-care is an issue that the whole society concerns about. Hu Wei, the General Manager of Potevio Health, believes that the elderly problem cannot be resolved online, but needs resolving offline. Consultant elderly-care is more focused on the care of the elderly. The care for the elderly doesn't mean when the elderly need something, we promote a product or service. The more important is to care for the elderly all through. Hu Wei added that we need to find the problems and various services that the elderly face or need in the process of caring for the elderly. At present, elderly centers, including retirement station cannot provide the elderly with overall services. We need to provide a real full-service supply and docking the elderly demands.