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Wu Danxing

Wu Danxing, Member of the Committee of Experts on the Service Industry for Old People under the Ministry of Civil Affairs

The essence of elite cultivation is a sort of spirit, culture and belief, but what is our goal in training talents for the elderly service industry? Is it a skill, a job for a living or a tool? The current situation is that people with a qualification certificate regard it as a tool to make more money. Working for the groups who make the best offer, these practitioners have no other preferences, which warn us of the necessity to review this industry. What we wish is to build a Whampoa Military Academy model for the Chinese elderly service industry to cultivate talents, namely, we aim to train a batch of professional managers or partners. As director Wu mentioned, what we need is not nursing workers but talent managers, in another word, compound talents. As the labor cost of nursing institutions for the aged accounts for more than 70%, it is impossible for a worker to do only one thing but multiple things in this industry and we can find that in many institutions, all staff are involved in the nursing work, for example, a financial officer also has to help the seniors take a bath and eat if necessary. Therefore, it is highly required for the compound talents and it is determined by the human cost. So for anyone who plans to invest this new education of Whampoa Military Academy mode, I think common values matter most. We must be aware of our tenet, target and task and we should forge our culture and value, which is the only way to align the investors, school authorities and the users to move forward under the same target through joint efforts.