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Special Topics

Li Shiqiang

Li Shiqiang, Director of China International Education Television

What is the reason for that we have great opportunities to spread the intangible cultural heritage at present? Firstly, it benefits from the special attention by CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping and the government, and we have a major historical opportunity, which is the national strategy of the Belt and Road. We have been emphasizing that we must achieve five connections before we realize the strategy. The five connections include connections by roads and communication, but the more important basic core is a connection in popular sentiments, which means as we promote the Belt and Road globally, we are supposed to build the cultural belt of the Belt and Road as another track and supporting point along with building the economic belt. Therefore, we can promote the intangible cultural heritage in the process of building the economic belt, in a bid to form national cohesion inward and international influence outward. When it comes to the spreading system, intangible cultural heritage spread transferred from mutual interactive spread among people at the very beginning gradually to spread among groups, and systematically speaking, the mode of international spread belongs to mass communication, three of which are in continuing interaction. The reason behind it is that we rely on interpersonal communication and group communication, while we inherit and record the intangible cultural heritage, including some unique treasures, and conserve the cultural system, what we use is mass communication. In summary, these three modes exist at different levels and the core is to showcase the charm of Chinese traditional culture in front of the world.