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Yu Xiuli

Yu Xiuli, General Manager of Eagle Investment Group Limited

Australia has a very favorable economic environment with $ 2.7 trillion of international investment capital at disposal. Why is Australian market suitable for Chinese small and medium-sized companies? First, the political environment of Australia ranked the first or second in the top list and its education is also among the top. Such a makeable political and social environment, as well as high degree of happiness, makes Australia habitable for senior and young citizens. What we know about Australia is animal husbandry and mining industry, however, Australia is also advanced in science and technology, boosting the earliest invention of the bank entries, Smartphone WIFI, Google map and biological eye. I suppose that most of you present here don’t know that WIFI is invented in Australia. Here are the advantages for domestic companies to go public in Australia: the continuous economic growth in 25 years ensures a low listing maintenance cost; the time to market ranges from one and half a year to 6-9 months according to different cooperate reports and audit systems with an average time of 6 to 10 months; Australian market favors companies from China and Asia-Pacific region, granting them with immigration policies such as allowing about 9 people to immigrate to Australia if the company go public there, at the same time, the Chinese government offer those companies with a policy subsidies of 5 million to 20 million Yuan varyingly. Companies listed on the main-board or growth enterprise market in Australia are equal to those listed on NASDAQ, which means you can also trade in the UK, France, and Germany. If your business is operating in US, you can carry out listing trade directly without going to NASDAQ, so is the case in Europe.