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Special Topics

Wu Yushao

Wu Yushao, Deputy Director of the China National Committee on Aging

Service for the elderly is totally different from the hotel services, because the clients belong to special groups. Professionally speaking, every senior citizen is unique in their history of the decades of lives, whether he is in the home services or agency services, he has his distinctive personality. That is why communication plays a very important role in aging service. Some people would still buy the healthcare products despite that they know they are cheated, which is because of the salesperson's good communicating. People work for the aging service agencies would bear much irrational emotional venting from the seniors. Therefore, the managers of those institutions should bear in mind that it is not only the serving skills that need to be cultivated for the nursing people, but also the ability to relieve psychological pressure. If one is exposed to negative things for a long time without timely positive guidance, he himself will suffer psychological problems. So for the management of talents in institutions, the psychological guidance for nursing personnel is very critical, which, however, receives insufficient attention in many small agencies.