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Tourism Becomes the Main Promoting Event of All Countries

Under the greater background of China's booming tourist industry, more and more countries regard tourism as a key to attract Chinese investment and cooperation, which is fully reflected during the 2017 Fair.


The Bahamas, located in the Caribbean area, is crowned with “Backyard of America”. Beautiful natural landscape and comfortable climate make the Bahamas a famous livable tourism resort, serving 6.5 million tourists every year, because of their biggest cruise ship port in Caribbean area, they also attract 3.5 million cruise visitors yearly. In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese visitors choose to spend their holidays in the Bahamas. From February 12, the Bahamas has become the first country in Caribbean area to implement mutual exemption of visas with China, which means tourists with Chinese passport can enjoy a visa-free holiday in the Bahamas for 30 days. The Bahamas together with North America, Europe and Australia has become the destinations where 70 million Chinese tourists most frequently visit every year. In addition, direct flights between the two countries are also put on the schedule.


Denis Antoine, the Bahamas’ ambassador to China introduced that, tourism and offshore financial industry represented their two economic pillars, among which, tourism industry accounts for 60% its economy, supporting 40% employment for the country. Travelling in the Bahamas, Chinese tourists have multiple choices for entertainment activities including diving, boating & drifting, fishing, bird’s appreciation, golf and special local foods tasting. You can also hold your wedding ceremony or enjoy your family vacation in the Bahamas.


Apart from attracting Chinese visitors to visit, the Bahamas government also wishes to attract Chinese investors to invest their tourist industry.


Up to now, there are 15,000 hotel rooms in the Bahamas ‘island either in various high class hotels or in special villas which can meet all kinds of demands. In order to meet the increasing demands of tourists, more hotels and resorts are under construction including the new landmark—Seaside Holiday Resort which is developed by China State Construction Corporation America.


It is said that the new landmark aims to set up a world-class complex of accommodation, holiday, consumption and entertainment, which includes a 150-rooms recreation hotel, 80 sets of high-end serviced apartments and 20 sets of high-end sea- view houses, a marina with 45 berths and a multi-stories parking garage of more than 800 parking places and office ancillary facilities. The first phase of the project has been completed in October 2016 and the second phase is due in 2019.


The Pacific Island countries also try to develop their tourism industry through Chinese tourists. On May 29, 2017 China-Pacific Island Countries' Development and Cooperation Forum was convened with the theme of “Enhancing Countries’ Cooperation, Co-Building the Belt & Road, Achieving Win-Win Development” and tourism promotion was a key topic. Tupsalai Terry Toomata, Samoa ambassador to China and head of the Pacific Island Countries Mission to China noted that China and Pacific Island Countries have a long-term friendly cooperation and the key area is at the field of tourism infrastructures construction. The Pacific Island Countries enjoy rich tourism resources but their infrastructures still need improvements, for instance, at the aspects of hotels, resorts, sightseeing places, ports and airports.