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Eternal Asia: Deepen the Service of Supply Chain through Model Innovation

What is supply chain? It is a term relatively unfamiliar to the general public, but Qiu Pu, vice president of Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Ltd., explained, “it provides better third-party service for both the upstream and downstream customers through establishing a bridge, supporting the business outsourcing of major enterprises’ non-core sectors and helping the downstream companies better achieve distribution, marketing and terminal retail”. The mentioned supply chain service is actually an innovation of service model under the trade in services. At 2017 Fair, Eternal Asia, as a service innovation enterprise model, was shortlisted at the service demonstration cases award.

Qiu Pu noted that Eternal Asia, founded in 1997 with its headquarter in Shenzhen, represented the first listed supply chain company in China. The company, through integrating logistics, business flow, capital and information flow, has established a global one-stop integrated supply chain service carrier. It also established one-stop global integrated supply chain service platform and focused on extensive purchasing, sales and execution, in-depth distribution and distribution execution. It professionally undertakes companies’ non-core business outsourcing and helps to lift the benefits and innovation of supply chain, and forging their core competence.

“We also wish that, through this exhibition of trade in services, more people will be aware of the advantages and prospect of supply chain service”, Qiu Pu said, it’s also very helpful for improving company’s influence and customer’s recognition as well as market expanding through frequent participation in the fair.

Qiu Pu also introduced that, this 20-year-old company is the first listed supply chain service company of China, which went public a decade ago, and it has accumulated abundant experience with focusing on supply chain service. While with the extension of the “Internet+” concept, Eternal Asia found that “Supply Chain + Internet” can help companies better achieve the circulation and distribution of products.

“So we put forward the mode of ‘Supply Chain + Internet’”, Qiu Pu explained, the key to establish a new circulation mode for Eternal Asia is its “Three Connection” strategy, namely Supply Connection, Marketing Connection and Star Alliance Connection. Respectively, Supply Connection means providing systematic comprehensive supply chain services for the upstream and downstream customers to meet their comprehensive demands, which integrates the resources in the industry and improves the circulation efficiency and industrial reform; Marketing Connection means achieving a “four-dimensional integration” marketing mode through the channels of Star-Chain Media, Terminal Media, Sudong Media and Integrated Media and promoting the interaction between brands and consumers to establish a one-button consumer marketing platform; Star Alliance Connection is able to achieve a bigger development space for companies at the terminal end. Through utilizing “Internet + Supply Connection + Marketing Connection + Finance + various value-added services” on its O2O comprehensive ecological platform, brand products can be displayed via various channels online and offline and directly be sent to the terminal end and more conveniently enjoy the support of finance, marketing and value-added service. Finally, it will help small shops turn into smart eco shops integrated with multiple functions.