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Zhang Guohua

Zhang Guohua, Director of the Weihai Municipal Bureau of Commerce of Weihai Economic Development Zone


Founded in October 1992, Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone covers 277 square kilometers including the built-up areas of 42 square kilometers and 210,000 permanent residents. The zone has advantages in transportation, because it only takes 30 minutes to Weihai International Airport, and Weihai High-speed Rail Station, Long-Distance Bus Station and Weihai Railway Station are located at the center of the development zone and Weihai Newport is located at the central position of the development zone. With regards to its development opportunity, it is the demonstration area of China-South Korea Free Trade Area, becoming the only city that is written in the free trade zone. It is the cooperation city of China-Europe Urbanization Partnership and the partner of Ghent of Belgium. It is also a demonstrated service trade city, and the pilot area of the current development emphasis--- the industrial high-end manufacturing industry and the modern service industry.