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Xu Zhijun

Xu Zhijun, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing municipal government


Looking forwards, we will actively expand the opening to the world in service industry, continuously promote the stable development of two-way investment and two kinds of trades and deepen the mutual cooperation with countries around the world under the guidance of the coordinated-development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Belt and Road Initiative. In this process, we will unswervingly support the enterprises to go global, which is very important for Beijing to enhance its position and function in the distribution of global resources. Currently, the overseas enterprises in our city have begun to take shape and the quality increases stably, and in the aspect of going global, a solid foundation has been laid. At the same time, in the aspects of labor division of information, channel, resource sharing and industrial chain among enterprises and major project combination, the city has an intense aspiration, and therefore we actively advocate and support the enterprises to go overseas together for mutual assistance and create an excellent international and domestic business environment for the go-global development of enterprises in our city. Now we comprehensively integrate the international cooperation resources of our city, and actively promote the progress of establishing Beijing International Economic and Trade Development Service Center overseas and provide resource support for communication and resource interconnection among enterprises.