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Bruno Masier


Bruno Masier, President of WTPF

The protection of world geographical indication means protecting the products of the country of origin and helping consumers to identify the producer in a region. Thus, this is an intellectual property that requires using the specific geographical indication to protect the quality of products. Our world geographical indication is required to be able to promote the global economic development and ensure the economic benefits, and sometimes some countries worry the geographical indication is used as a protective measure to limit the export. The technological and administrative requirements trigger the complaint or worries of some countries on this aspect, and it is also the main challenge that we are faced with.

Some problems are unique; because some regions face these problems and the products of some other regions have unique quality, such as champagne, cheese, rice, silk with traditional hand design. The characteristics represented by these geographical indications grant unique value to products. To protect them, we should establish a mechanism that is able to protect the intellectual property and protect the property right of the product owners, and the nation is required to make the geographical indication and provide protection at the international level at the same time. There are two kinds of rules of law: the first one is that the country provides sufficient geographical indication protection at the national level; the second one is to make complex comparison of legislation to effectively protect all international geographical indication, because countries have different requirements in rule definition and implementation. In such a circumstance, it is necessary to establish a multi-level communication in this aspect for legislation, and to propose commercial requirements at the national level. Of course, it is an economic burden for some countries, but it can facilitate or ensure the reputation of the place of origin and the sustainable economic resources. Especially for the resources in rural areas, it is a protection, because it brings the added value of products. However, these potential governs are very critical and needs necessary system guarantee.