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Overseas Guests

Drikus Kriek


Drikus Kriek, Professor and deputy dean of IEDC-Bled School of Management

Our philosophy is to fully exert the function of art in the School of Management. Art is borderless and crosses the skills and links every person. Art includes everything except for figures, so in the process of leadership development, we encourage students to learn in art class. Our art class is more like art gallery and exhibition hall, and we not only focus on the development of students, but also let them know how art influences a person and cultivate a person, so we hope to exert the function of art via various approaches, such as art communication. We can consider art as a metaphor and help some commercial leaders to see how the entire international environment is. We also properly use some visual art, help students to create art and master relevant techniques to better display themselves. These techniques are very important techniques after they become the commercial leaders. We hope to observe students in a different way.