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Fu Yun


Fu Yun, Director of Resource and Environment Branch, CNIS


Why the Chinese government establishes a unified green product market system, and what considerations make it to make such a decision? Many domestic friends have a deep feeling that Chinese shops crazily make purchase on domestic and overseas shopping websites or overseas in holidays. In Spring Festival, hundreds billions of money are spent on some daily necessities. Luxury bags and watches are the preference of these shoppers, but now the tendency has shifted to the daily necessities now, which reflects the supply-demand balance of medium-and-high-end products and some Chinese products cannot meet the consumption demand and trend of domestic consumers, especially the high-end products, as well as the insufficient confidence of consumers in domestic products. Under such a background and the guidance of ecological civilization construction and green development, the requirement for a unified green product market system is proposed. Consumers have intense requirements in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly products. Alibaba platform has made a statistical survey on the information, focusing on the performances of products such as “green”, “healthy” and “environmentally friendly”. With the demands of markets, there are various identifications in aspect of green products, which bring some confusion to consumers. At the same time, the costs of enterprises increase. To implement the supply-side structure reform and reduce the costs, the unified policy is proposed from the overall strategy.