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Aiming to attract Chinese Investment, Brazil is committed to develop E-Commerce and Intelligent Manufacturing


By means of the platform of CIFTIS, China tapped into cooperation with Brazil in multiple aspects including football and Digital Eagle UAV projects. At the 2017 Fair, Luigi, president of Brazil National Association of Trade in Services, said that, besides football, there was a broader prospect for the cooperation of trade in service between China and Brazil.


Several days ago, Brazil-China Information Communication Industry Forum convened in St Paul, Brazil, about 120 experts and representatives at the forum discussed and exchanged ideas about scientific R & D, investment, fundraising and industrial capacity cooperation in sectors including information & telecommunication, internet and smart city.


Miller Borges, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Innovations and Communications of Brazil, noted that, as the telecom industry in most Brazilian regions was competitive enough, the government wished to reduce the burden of supervision and requested service providers to facilitate service quality through competition. At present, the ministry is working on censorship laws, striving for introducing 4G mobile web and optical fiber into the internet and change franchise system into ordinary authorization system in a bid to attract foreign investment represented by China. Moreover, Brazil is planning to establish “National Plan on Internet of Things” and anticipates starting the agricultural Internet of Things demonstration project first.


Borges mentioned that Brazil is accelerating the construction of Europe-Brazil submarine optical cable project and plans to launch “National Digitalization Strategy” plan at the end of 2017, which aims to greatly improve the government administration with using internet, visualization and digitalization as well as advance the development of e-commerce and intelligent manufacturing in Brazil.


Jose Guntijo, director of the Innovation Division under Ministry of Science and Technology, Innovations and Communications of Brazil, introduced the concerned policies and tax preference plans in the communication sector. He said that the Brazilian government was encouraging companies in the sectors of semiconductor, new generation of display technology, communication, and aeronautical satellite to settle in Brazil, and the ministry issued a batch of policies to support technology innovation, lowering the tax on foreign-funded enterprises to encourage cooperative relationship of R & D between foreign manufacturing enterprises and Brazil local institutions. So far, the government expects to cover more industries with this policy and relevant proposals are being drafted.