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Traditional merchants face the weakness of community commerce

Community commerce is an inevitable business form for the urban development, and the community ecosphere based on “Internet +” under its current rapid construction process. On “New Ecology-- Community Ecosphere in the Era of Internet” of 2017 China (Beijing) E-commerce Conference Sub-Forum held in 2017 Fair, many enterprises shared their ideas from the innovation of commercial mode focusing on the weaknesses of traditional community commercial mode.


President of JIN BAI WAN Deng Chao: Take-away service starts the retailing trend of catering
Restaurant consumers have two demands, namely social demand and material desire demand. The application scene of restaurant mainly meets the social demand, which is difficult to be e-commercialized. However, the material desire demand has totally been e-commercialized and develops very fast. For example, the volume of take-away service last year realized a growth rate of 386%. With the application of mobile terminal, the consuming behavior of consumers has been completely changed, and most of them are transforming to the solution of take-away service. Now, the take-away service has initiated the retailing trend of catering and become a new retailing mode.


President of CSF Market Li Yanchuan: Provide door-to-door service for seniors nearby
CSF Market is an old state-owned enterprise, and now has 61 volunteer teams providing service for seniors within 1.5 kilometers around, including home delivery service, chatting, and housework, etc. Our medium and large stores have a rest area, where is available for seniors to take a rest and have a chat. What we have done is not enough in caring about seniors with the increasing number of seniors in China. This is a wide market to be explored. A few years ago, our 11 stores set up special shelf of supplies for seniors, and exploring this market can bring us both social benefit and economic benefit.


CEO of Chen Gongwei: on-line selling of traditional food is difficult to make profits
It is difficult to make profits by selling traditional food such as meat, vegetables, eggs and milk, because it increases the costs of supply chain, package and delivery. Our solution is to sell these traditional foods in stores, and the consumers pick them up from stores. Online products are not required every day by consumers, so the consumers can notify the merchant in advance and we can make a preparation. For featured products with relatively high gross profits, we sell them on Internet to realize more profits.


Vice president of Youhuiyigou Yang Jie: “Internet +” is data service mostly
In the community, there is no meaning to promote App by the so-called e-commerce money wasting mode, because seniors have a common demand which is communication and exchange. They see the vegetable market as their club, while “Internet +” provides data service mostly. The data is the selling data generated from the selling system. First, merchants supply different products to different communities for destocking. Second, it provides a scientific decision-making platform for government. Third, consumer compares the price and gets benefits.