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China Smart Home Market will Embrace Rapid Development

Smart home, as one of the fast developing subsections of intelligent industry, gradually embrace innumerable households as its software and hardware grow up with a market increase rate of 50% every year. Wu Rongfei, vice president in marketing of Zhejiang Hanteng Internet of Things which is an exhibitor of the 2017 Fair, said that the recognition of domestic consumers performs relatively bad and the real demand of users has not been explored, although the market prospect is broad and various smart devices manufacturers are penetrating into this field.


It is predicted by various institutes that China’s smart home industry market will present a rapid development tendency in the next few years and it will exceed RMB 290 billion in 2021. With a such a new market of hundreds of billions of Yuan to come, Wu Rongfei said that the smart home industry in China has developed just for a very short time, namely, it’s still at the primary developmental stage, and industrial standards are not unified. “There are great differences due to the various international consuming environments. Taking smoke transducer as an example, it is compulsory to install in America, which is rigid demand”.


Wu mentioned that they found that the market was in chaos and most Chinese smart home products manufacturers were lack of core technology at very beginning. “Only with core technology, a company can stand out. Our products can meet the requirements of the global market and we also take the leading position in terms of technology and quality among our counterparts. Business cooperation ties have also been established between Hanteng and several listed companies of security and protection industry. He introduced that Hanteng spent a huge sum of money on building a R & D center in America to master core technologies.


It is said that Hanteng, founded in 2010, has great leading technological advantages of related products in both domestic and international markets with relying on brand-new technologies to penetrate into the fields of wireless smart security and protection, home appliances Internet of Things connection and terminals as well as great health service platform. At the CIFTIS of this year, Hanteng will present great health industry and service platform, products of smart security and protection as well as AI applications.