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China Becomes Canada’s Second Largest Tourist Source Country

At the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the ice and snow industry promotion team from Quebec, Canada was so excited about the huge new space of China's sports industry. The Canadian ice and snow industry has also become the charm to attract Chinese tourists. At present, China has become the second largest overseas tourist source country as well as the fastest growing overseas market of Canada.


As the Sino-Canadian tourism year in 2018 is approaching, the Showcase Canada Asia 2017 was held in Beijing recently. Ben Cowan Dewar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Tourism Board said that the ski experience is one of the reasons why many Chinese tourists travel to Canada. "Canada has a number of large ski resorts which have complete facilities of both software and hardware. Visitors can choose different types of ski slopes according to their own proficiency in skiing and visitors at all ages can find snow sports which are suitable for them. These ski resorts are very suitable to the family as a unit for self-driving travel and most ski resorts provide Chinese ski guide." He introduced that more sign boards in Chinese language and other Chinese services are provided for Chinese tourists in the airports, hotels, shopping malls and scenic spots. In terms of eating habits, more attention is also given to the needs of Chinese tourists, and many hotels and restaurants provide drinking hot water.


In order to realize the people-to-people friendly exchanges between China and Canada and attract more Chinese tourists to visit Canada, Canada is expected to open additional visa centers in seven cities besides five visa centers existed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Hong Kong so as to provide more convenience for tourists from the second-tier cities to travel to Canada. Ben Cowan Dewar said, "We are very pleased to see that China has become Canada’s second largest overseas tourist source country, and become the fastest growing overseas market of Canada, and it is expected that in the next four years the Chinese tourists will be doubled." Paul Hoss from the Tourism Administration of Vitoria City of Canada said, "It is hoped that more Chinese tourists can go to Vitoria to deeply experience the leisurely slow life on the west coast". Vitoria is located in the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island of southwest Canada. It is a small town with the most moderate climate in Canada, which has flowers in full bloom throughout the year, and where the prosperousness of the city and the original ecology of the country are perfectly combined. Many restaurants have their own farms where grows the vegetables for their own restaurants, the Chinese tourists are welcomed to come and have a taste.