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Chinese Beidou Lights the "Belt and Road"

At the 2017 Beijing International Fair for the Trade in Services, the "Belt and Road" has become an important topic. A number of domestic and international guests have comprehensively interpreted at the keynote forum the important position of the trade in services in the global value chain and believed that the "Belt and Road" initiative will bring new opportunities for the development of the global service industry and the trade in services. Now, as one of the three big satellite navigation systems in the world, the Beidou satellite navigation system is gradually providing the broad users of the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" with accurate and quality services, which have become a unique beautiful scenery on the "Belt and Road".


“The area of the "Belt and Road" is wide, which involves many countries with an enormous population. There is an extensive demand for the application of satellite navigation systems and to provide the ""location service"" for industries of these countries along the "Belt and Road" has become an important task of the Chinese Beidou to serve the "Belt and Road" construction. At the same time, because of the comprehensive advantages in many aspects such as the high ratio between performance and cost and unique short message function, the application space of the Baidou products in the countries along the "Belt and Road" is huge. Therefore, while China ensures the stable operation of the No. 2 area of the Beidou navigation system and fully promotes the networking construction of the global navigation system of the Beidou satellite, the Beidou system will be included in the national important task of the "Belt and Road" construction.


After several years of efforts, the Beidou system at present has been applied and achieved success in the coverage areas of Southeast Asia and other areas. As the spearhead of the "Belt and Road", the Beidou system has been applied first in the ASEAN region and then has been advanced to the Arabian region. The Beidou system has been applied to the agriculture, forestry, land planning and the Greater Mekong River monitoring and management of Myanmar; the monitoring and management of the precision agriculture and disease and insect pests of the Laos; the smart tourism of Brunei and the maritime integration applications of Indonesia...... Today, the Beidou System has created an impressive report in its journey of "going abroad" from the luxuriantly green ASEAN countries to the vast areas of the Arabian region and from the rippling rivers and seas to the broad expanse of land.


At present, the Beidou system has covered nearly 30 countries along the "Belt and Road"such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Indonesia. With the stable, reliable and accurate navigation services, the Chinese Beidou is benefiting the economic and social development of the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road" and jointly builds a beautiful vision of the "Belt and Road ". With the acceleration of the construction of the system, the Beidou global system will first cover the countries along the "Belt and Road"in 2018 and provide more accurate services for relevant countries and regions.