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The release of E-commerce Blacklist

The “11.11 Shopping Festival” is coming. Many consumers have filled the shopping carts with commodities they are going to buy, and get ready to go shopping on internet. However, while the consumers enjoy the joy of shopping, the protection of consumer’s rights and interests will be strengthened. On the other day, NDRC held a special working conference for the credit construction in e-commerce field to highlight the “credit problems” in the e-commerce promotion. Zhou Min, the deputy director of SIC, said that 6440 enterprises in the e-commerce blacklist are found out by comparing the blacklist information share by relevant departments on the national credit information sharing platform, and 500 enterprises of them have been released on the website of “Credit China”.


It is true that we have witnessed over the years that China become the e-commerce market with the largest scale and the fastest growth. At 2017 Fair, e-commerce, as an important highlight, also demonstrated a micro epitome of Chinese economy and even the global economy. “11.11 Shopping Festival” provides more trading opportunities and offers more choices and discounts to consumers, which on the whole realize a win-win situation between merchants and consumers. But there are many problems behind the flourishing online shopping. Technology is ahead of laws and there is no effective supervision. Some merchants abandon the commercial integrity and chase for profits blindly. Therefore, fakes are widespread and uncurbed, and you can see endless fake trading volumes and internet fraud, which make the large-scale online shopping festivals such as “11.11 Shopping Festival” filled with explicit or implicit traps. Consumers are impossible to avoid these traps effectively.


During the “11.11 Shopping Festival” in this year, the crack-down on counterfeit goods will be carried out in the field of e-commerce. According to the notice issued by the Law Enforcement Department of AQSIQ, the crack-down on counterfeit goods will focus on the main online shopping platforms and 10 categories of key consumer goods such as clothes, shoes, hat, electrical appliance, etc., and investigations will be carried out based on the complaints of consumers and the products with unreasonable price and reported by media. Meanwhile, more efforts will be made in the investigation on illegal e-commerce consumer goods.


Han Yunping, the spokesperson of AQSIQ, said that the relevant department will report the typical cases, strengthen the publicity of law enforcement and crack-down on fakes in the e-commerce field, and carry out regional regulation activities led by local governments on e-commerce products with prominent quality problems.


During the “11.11 Shopping Festival” in this year, AQSIQ will also strengthen to warn the merchants selling products with quality problems via media to guide rational consumption and resist the low-price and low-quality vicious competition in e-commerce field.