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Intensive Development is the Future of Community Commerce

"In 2017, the most promising  thing is that the E-commerce has become ""a new way"" of serving life consumption of the residents. In the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the concerned responsible person of the Commission of Commerce of the Beijing Municipality  expressed that at present, Beijing has fully launched an action plan of enhancing the quality of the life service industry and one of the important measures is to improve the quality of the life service industry and promote the extensive application of the E-commerce in the area of life service industry through the active promotion of the development of ""internet + life service industry"". In this regard, Zhao Chenxi, CEO of the Guoan Community expressed that currently the brands of the community commerce and the chain-store rate is less than 20% and the amount of the community consumption is only about 30%, so the market has a huge space. "

Zhao Chenxi said that innovation, sharing and service are the main themes of the community commerce development. But in the current stage, the attention degree of the E-commerce platform for the community users is far from enough. “Where are the opportunities of the community commerce? First of all, from the community point of view, the community commerce and service industry is a small profit industry, the terminal competition is fierce and it even more has a semi-public welfare in nature. On the other hand, commercial services in the community are more dependent on experiencing, especially face-to-face experiencing, which is obviously the shortage of the E-commerce".  Zhao Chenxi said, from the perspective of the E-commerce, there are indeed a lot of pain points in the community, but whether or not the pain points are the market rigid demand, whether or not the pain points have enough in scale, whether or not money can be earned and profit can be made by cutting in the pain points and the opportunity only comes when profit can be made there.


Therefore, in his view, intensive development is the future of community E-commerce. The intensive development which is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the community commerce through the comprehensive business model of the community commercial center,  will also be realized in the standardized community commercial center combined with the E-commerce and the online-offline accessible means of payment. "The standardized community commercial center breakthroughs from the traditional format and E-commerce is an irreplaceable technical tool here, and the internet management technology will become an advantage of the physical stores in the competition of the consumption environment."