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E-sports industry attracted hundreds of millions of person

On November 4, the Global Final of 2017 League of Legends was held in the “Bird Nest” of Beijing National Stadium. The enthusiasm on e-sports does not fade away although the competition has ended. From the final access ticket price that is driven up to RMB 6666 to the millions of annual salary of anchors on the game live platform and the discussion of listing e-sports in the formal Olympic competition event, the e-sports products are gradually becoming an attractive industry participated in by hundreds of millions of person around the world from the traditional concept that deems it as useless.

E-sport is also one of the attractive points on 2017 Fair. China Cyber Games Summit that is sponsored by China Sports Industry International Co., Ltd. and organized by China National Cyber Games under the instruction of China Sports Venue Association will be held in China National Conference Center in Beijing on June 1.

According to the global e-sports market report of the game consulting company Newzoo, the revenues of global e-sports industry from 2015 to 2017 have almost doubled under the marketization operation of e-sports game nowadays, and grow year by year in a rate of 30%-50%. If the revenues of the global e-sports markets are considered as a whole, the revenues in 2016 are equivalent to more than two times of the revenues of full seasons of Chinese Super League in 2016, compared with some regional sports leagues with the highest revenues all over the world in 2016.

With the explosive growth in the world, the promising market prospects of e-sports attract many investors and local governments, and e-sports become one of the jobs wining the favor of the generation after 90s and after 2000s. Now, Chinese e-sports market has basically established an industrial chain extending from the upstream capital market to the downstream peripheral products of e-sports.

On the China Cyber Games Summit, the first Construction Criteria of E-sports Venue was published. It mainly includes 10 parts, including venue classification, function division, house configuration, auxiliary equipment matching, software system, intellectualized system, etc. The criterion is applicable for the building, renovation and expansion of permanent e-sports venues that are open to the society, and defines the e-sports, e-sports venue, host e-sports, mobile e-sports, VR e-sports, etc.