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Mobile Cross-border E-commerce Becomes the New Blue Sea of International Trade

In the trend of the development of mobile internet, the bulk cross-border trade has begun to involve in the internet and the mobile cross-border e-commerce has become the fastest growing and most competitive field in recent years. At the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, Xu Danxia, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of said that the China cross-border e-commerce industry is entering into a period of rapid development and the competition among the cross-border e-commerce platforms is increasingly fierce.


However, in the view of Li Xiaobin, President of the, the opportunities are always accompanied by challenges. He said at the 3rd Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference held a few days ago in Jinhua of Zhejiang Province that "the world economic recovery and sustained economic development of China, especially the interconnected networks of global integration have brought a revolution in consumption patterns and the cross-border e-commerce ushers in an unprecedented new development opportunity."


Li Xiaobin believes that the mobile cross-border e-commerce will become the new blue sea of international trade. The Canton Fair E-commerce vigorously pushed the buyers to install the APP onsite of the 121st and the 122nd Canton Fair. The Apple system and the Android system each accounted for 50%. From the scene one could see that the overseas buyers had a high acceptability for App and the degree of activity was also high. The daily activity during the Fair was more than 70% and the business opportunity conversion rate of the APP was even more than 3~4 times of that of the PC website. The rise of the mobile internet will certainly stimulate the continuous improvement of the innovation ability of the mobile internet market.


In the trend of the development of the mobile internet, the bulk cross-border trade has also begun to involve in the internet. At present, most of the clients of services of the mainstream cross-border export e-commerce platforms are small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and the price of each transaction of the customers is generally lower than USD$ 1,000. The price of each transaction of the customers of the Canton Fair E-commerce platform is more than USD$10,000. As for the difference of the price of each transaction of the platforms, Li Xiaobin said that "on the one hand, the trade categories of the Canton Fair E-commerce platform are mainly the bulk trade varieties such as the electromachinery, furniture and building materials and on the other hand, the buyers are bulk buyers transformed from the Canton Fair and the sellers are the powerful enterprises with an annual export turnover of more than USD$ 5 million".