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The output value of animation games in Beijing reached 62.7 billion yuan in 2017

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Beijing Animation and Gaming Industry Association released on Jan 8 that the total output value of the animation and game industry in Beijing in 2017 has reached 62.7 billion yuan with an increase of about 20% on year-on-year basis,in which, the original R & D enterprise online game export amount of about 116. .09 billion Yuan with a sharp increase of about 93%.

Animation industry has developed rapidly this year. Three events including China Copyright and Animation Boutique Exhibition held by Capital Copyright Industry Alliance and E-gaming Committee together with China Creative Industry Alliance, the 4th China Creative Industry Summit and the "Going Global" Development Forum, joined in the animation industry plate of 2017 Beijing International Service Trade Fair for the first time, and it turned out to be a major highlight of the fair.

According to the introduction of the relevant person in charge of Beijing Cultural Bureau, in recent years, Beijing has emerged a group of China's well-known animation game companies and excellent products, formed a creative, publishing, operations, distribution and product development of the entire industrial chain, covering from R & D type to channel type of the entire industry. At present, Beijing has become the R & D center of China's animation game industry.

According to the introduction, the powerful enterprises in Beijing aggressively acquired overseas R & D and distribution companies last year to deploy the global animation game market. Original mobile games have become the new force in the export of games in Beijing. Among them, the original R & D enterprises led by Zhimingxingtong, Kunlun Games, Perfect World, Cheetah Mobile   have brought online game exporting amount reaching 116.09 billion yuan and has soared about 93% comparing with 6.02 billion yuan of the last year .

With the rapid expansion of e-sports, many animation game companies have increased investment in e-sports events and improved product branding effect and user coverage through holding events. In 2017, the Asia Invitational Tournament organized by Perfect World, the 2016 East China Electronic Sports Carnival, especially the "League of Legends" finals and the "King of Glory" mobile gaming event finals were held in Beijing to vigorously promote the capital e-sports industry to become an important part of animation game industry.

The official said that in order to promote the animation game industry to become the leading industry in Beijing's cultural and creative industries, the government is continuing to increase its efforts to support original technologies and support the development of key technological innovations and leading enterprises. It is also actively engaged in animation enterprises' accreditation, annual examination and import animation development and production supplies exempt from import tax qualification annual review work for enterprises to implement the relevant tax incentives; strengthen the management of high-end talent and professional and technical personnel training, and actively carry out China's first and only social animation game professional title review and relying on industry associations to carry out industry-wide training, covering cutting-edge technology, game art, industry policies and modern enterprise management system.