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Yan Ligang: Strengthening the Status and Role of the CIFTIS as the Leading Exhibition of Trade in Services

At the Beijing Commercial Work Conference held on January 16, Yan Ligang, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group and the Director-General of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that from 2018 to 2022, Beijing should enhance its competitive edge in foreign trade and strengthen the status and role of the CIFTIS as the leading exhibition of trade in services.

Yan Ligang delivered a report entitled "Optimizing Supply, Improving Quality and Enhancing Efficiency, Comprehensively promoting New Commercial Development of the Capital in the New Era". He said that from the 19th National Congress to the 20th National Congress of the Party is the historical intersection period of the "Two Centenary" goals. Around the new targets of the new era, the commerce of the capital during 2018-2022 should focus on promoting the main tasks in four aspects and implementing ten action plans, which is an important measure in the next five years to promote the development of the commerce in the capital and is the “four beams and eight columns” of the reform and development of the commerce of the capital.

The specific promotion of the main tasks in four aspects is as follows:

The first is to promote the transformation and upgrading of circulation. The pace of innovation in circulation should be accelerated to promote the modernization of circulation. The space layout of the commercial service industry should be optimized and adjusted to improve the accuracy management level of the circulation industry. The e-commerce and modern supply chain should be greatly developed, the integration of online and offline and domestic trade and foreign trade should be promoted and the effective supply of goods and services should be increased. The green consumption and the optimization of the consumption environment should be advocated.

The second is to improve the competitive advantage of foreign trade. Transferring the driving force and structure adjustment of foreign trade should be accelerated to foster new modes and new patterns of trade and promote the coordinated development of trade in goods and in services. The transformation of the development mode of foreign trade should be accelerated and the independent brand of Beijing should be vigorously cultivated to enhance the competitiveness of trade in services in technology and culture.  The status and role of the CIFTIS as the leading exhibition of trade in services should be strengthened.

The third is to promote the overall expansion of the opening up. By relaxing market access, deepening regional cooperation, reforming regulatory mode and optimizing business environment, Beijing will always maintain the position of trendsetter and the role of spearhead in the expansion of the opening up of the service industry nationwide. The scope of the use of foreign capital should be expanded, the introduction of foreign capital with high-grade, precision and advanced technology should be increased and the quality of the use of foreign capital should be improved. The overseas investment should be orderly guided and regulated to actively participate in the "Belt and Road" economic and trade cooperation.

The fourth is to enhance the service ability of the commerce for the people. Defibering and remediation should be carried out firmly and orderly to promote the special actions, the urban and rural commercial facilities which are convenient for people and beneficial to people should be perfected and the quality of the living service industry should be constantly improved. The stability of the market supply for the daily necessities should be ensured and the traceability system of important products should be perfected. The poverty alleviation in the form of commerce such as e-commerce, housekeeping service and external labor service should be deeply promoted and the help and support for the pairing-assistance regions should be well done.