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Private physical examination organizations should develop towards chain management

As the “rigid demand” service in people’s daily life, the healthy medical service is attracting attentions of funds of different sources. The physical examination service market in China has a huge potentiality. About half of consumers that participate in the physical examination has demands on segment market of this field, which will become the next new blue ocean that the private institutions fight for. 2017 Fair does not only gather a large amount of industrial enterprises, but also takes how to master the fortune as an important theme to be discussed. Hu Bo, the chairman of Ciming Checkup, said that private physical examination institutions should develop towards the chain management.


In recent years, China has started a wave of integration in the physical examination industry. The integration clarifies the pattern of the industry, and the positioning of public hospitals and private institutions becomes clearer. At present, about 400 million persons participate in physical examination every year in China, including about 10% conducted in private institutions. Hu Bo believed that with the popularization of physical examination service, above half of citizens throughout the country will become the subjects of physical examination service in the future 10 to 20 years.


Previously, the Opinions on Supporting Social Force to Provide Multilevel and Diversified Medical Services issued by the General Office of the State Council has clearly proposed that we should support the social force to build a batch of competitive brand service institutions in fields such as ophthalmology, orthopedics, stomatology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, oncology, psychology, medical and beauty specialist and rehabilitation, nursing, physical examination, etc. For the industry, this indicates that China is releasing a specific signal to the social capitals that the functions undertaken by public hospitals will be transferred to the social capital. The public hospitals will gradually narrow the market ratio in the physical examination industry and release more demands to the social capitals, which is not impossible. “Even so, private institutions cannot wait for windfalls all the time and stop developing towards the chain management, or the private capitals will have no space profits and be unable to exist,” said Hu Bo.