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The 5th CIFTIS was listed in 2018 government work report of Beijing

The first session of the 5th Beijing Municipal People’s Congress was held on January 24. The acting mayor Chen Jining made a government work report to the congress and specially indicated in the government work report that it is necessary to continuously promote the projects for enhancing the competitiveness of trade in services and make every effort to hold The 5th CIFTIS.


To further open the service industry and deepen the communication and cooperation of internal trade in services, The 5th CIFTIS co-organized by Ministry of Commerce and Beijing Municipal Government will be held in China National Convention Center from May 28 to June 1, 2018. The 5th CIFTIS will hold a global summit of service trade, 10 more international professional forum conferences and over 100 negotiation and trading activities, and will have 50,000 square meters of exhibition area.


As mentioned by Chen Jining in the government work report, this year we will promote full liberalization with higher standards. We will implement a more proactive and open strategy, formulate a plan to improve the international service environment and service capacity, and create a legal, international and facilitated development environment; strengthen the important facilities and capacity-building of the international exchange center, and do a good job in safeguarding the service of diplomatic activities at major national venues; complete the two rounds of pilot projects for expanding and opening up the service sector, focus on the construction of pilot demonstration areas and demonstration projects, foster a batch of new models and new types of business, and create a “Beijing brand” of the service industry; comprehensively enhance the opening-up of the financial industry of Beijing and support international financial institutions to set up wholly foreign-owned or joint-venture financial institutions in Beijing; improve the supporting policies for 144-hours transit visa-free policy to expand tourist consumption; facilitate the study and medical treatment of foreign personnel, and deepen the work of foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs, and the introduction of capital and foreign knowledge; continue to promote the projects for enhancing the competitiveness of trade in services and make every effort to hold the 5th CIFTIS; improve the functions of Tianzhu Bonded Area, plan and build a new airport bonded area at a high level in order to enhance the level of trade facilitation; formulate a three-year plan of action for Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, strengthen the construction of a two-way investment promotion platform and jointly build a science and technology innovation park with other countries along the line to broaden the scope and depth of opening-up.


In the past five years, Beijing has resolutely implemented the decision and deployment of the Central Government to continue the reform, promoting the reform by opening-up and facilitating development by the reform; firmly promoted the reform of “streamlined administration and institute decentralization, supervision and service optimization”, streamlined 1065 government review and approval items, reaching a streamline ratio of 68%, removed 206 certificates throughout the city. The commercial system such as “license before permit” has been implemented and achieved great success, and 26 measures to optimize the business environment have been carried out. Many breakthrough points have been realized in the economic reform; the pilots of “replacing business tax with VAT” have been comprehensively launched; all government revenues and expenditures are included in budget management, and the government and social capital cooperation modes are effectively promoted; the reform on the ladder-like water, electricity gas and public transport ticket prices are implemented smoothly; the reform of city-level corporate systems has been completed, and pilot projects of rural collectively constructive land entering the market have been steadily progressed. Beijing takes the lead in expanding the open pilots of the service industry and reaches a new level in an open economy.