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Chinese Winter Sports Industry Takes off and the Industrial Scale will Reach RMB 600 billion by 2020

Tencent Sports, as the strategic partner of Chinese Olympic Committee, issued the White Paper on Chinese Winter Sports Industry 2018 in Beijing together with other institution the other day. As disclosed on the White Paper, the industrial scale of Chinese winter sports industry reached RMB 391.7 billion in 2017 and will complete the goal of RMB 600 billion in 2020 and reach RMB 1 trillion in 2025.


With Beijing wining the right to host 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the Chinese winter sports industry takes off. on 2017 Fair, the winter sports theme was specially set up. The foreign institutions, including International Bobsleigh and Tobogganing Federation, Finland Biathlon Association, American Global Ice Group, Netherland Ice World Group, etc. and the domestic institutions such as Beijing Sport University, Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, China Sports Industry Research Center of Peking University, etc. had a discussion, exchange and cooperation on the industrial opportunities brought by 2022 Winter Olympic Games and “300 million person participate in winter sports”, and discussed the development of Chinese winter sports and the winter sports industry.


Now winter sports events held in China can be divided into professional sports competition and entertainment. The professional sports competition events focus on the competitive sports on ice and snow, and its objective is to cultivate the professional sports talents. The sports entertainment focuses on the mass winter sports, and its objective is to expand the coverage of winter sports and build the mass base.


In addition, the White Paper also disclosed that the northern China accounts for over 72% snow packs of the whole country. Although the base camp of Chinese winter sports is still in the northern China, the ski resorts in the southern China have been increasing in recent years, which has brought with nearly RMB 16 billion of market. The indoor ski resorts and the roller skating resorts using new technologies are emerging, and are expected to break the traditional geographical barriers.


According to the data, by the end of 2016, China has over 600 ski resorts. 33.10% spread in the northeastern region, 23.42% in the northern region and 16.55% in the northwestern region. Over 72% of the ski resorts throughout China are located in the above three regions. Meanwhile, the northern regions have monopolized the high quality ski resorts. China has 19 ski resorts with a perpendicular throw of over 300m, and 18 of them locate in the northern region. All ski resorts with the trail area exceeding 10 hectares locate in the northern region. These ski resorts have a significant meaning on the competitive winter sports.


However, this phenomenon will be changed. Benefiting from the late-mover advantages and the leading infrastructures in the provinces in the southeastern China, the auxiliary facilities of ski resorts in the southern China are more improved, and the traffic is more convenient. What’s more, the market demands are increasing. Thus, the quantity of ski resorts in the south has been growing year by year. The fragmented short-distance travel has become a normal state. The number of persons who participate in the winter sports across the provinces in the south has reached about 6.5 million, resulting in a huge market valuing RMB 15.9766 billion. In the ski resorts that were built in 2016, 27% of them locate in the provinces and cities of the southern China. Over 17 ski resorts are still under construction in the south in2017, spreading in the East China, Central China, South China and Southwest China.