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The Wormhole Translation Is Made to become the "Taobao” in the Field of Translation

"The (the Wormhole Translation) is just like the in the field of translation and we hope that all talents in foreign languages are our good sellers." At the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, Mr. Li Chunyang, the Founder and CEO of the Beijing Raindi Technologies Co. Ltd, made an introduction about his work of the in this way. At present, the has converged more than 5,000 overseas Chinese and overseas students in 30 languages from 20 countries to provide translation services for Chinese small and medium sized enterprises as well as large enterprises through the network platform so as to translate the Chinese products  culture into various languages and spread them all over the world. 


The reason why an online translation platform is created, Li Chunyang expressed that presently there are 100,000 to 200,000 full-time translators nationwide whose quality is uneven, which also results in very small overall size of the China translation industry. However, the attracts "language talents” as far as possible through the way of online. These talents are not necessarily full-time translators, but they must master multiple languages and professional knowledge simultaneously so as to meet the present demand of the "Belt and Road "and the internationalization of enterprises in various fields and various languages."So from the perspective of resource deployment, we hope to build a trading platform and break the traditional inherent mode in translation industry, to converge the strength of the Chinese worldwide through the internet + mode to help the Chinese enterprises go out to the world."

"Just like the selection of goods at the, buyers can choose the language talents whom they are convinced at the and place orders," said Li Chunyang.  Translation is a thing without standardization, one thousand readers make one thousand Hamlets. Compared with the traditional translation transaction mode, the gives back the right of judgment to the consumers and gives back the right of choice to the parties of transaction. By eliminating the information asymmetry and process opacity of the traditional translation transaction mode and pulling together the dispersed Chinese translation resources and translation needs worldwide, the vertical quality assurance system and user evaluation system were built by the itself.

It is reported that the current platform of the covers language talents in 30 languages and converges more than 4,000 translators, among whom 1/3 are overseas Chinese and overseas students, 1/3  are university teachers and students within the country and 1/3  are social linguistic talents and 500 to 600  of them went through qualification accreditation.

On the platform, the translator's language, profession and price are marked out and the demand side can choose the appropriate translator. As for the charges, the quotation is made for per thousand words according to the specialization. When the order is made, the demand side shall make the full payment in the platform within 30 minutes, the platform will give the money to the translator after the translation is done and finally this transaction enters into the evaluation system. In this process, the does not charge any commission, which also is the "" mode.

At present, the has accumulated a large number of foreign language talents who have professional knowledge and whereby vigorously expanded enterprise users by providing a free platform, and provided multiple language translations on export e-commerce for the international e-commerce enterprises and sellers such as and eBay. In the case of, the Russian version of the went to online in June 2015. At that time, Li Chunyang observed that only the home page of the website is in Russian and the inner pages and goods are not translated into Russian, so he used the alumni relationship to seek cooperation with With the exponential growth in the number of goods in Russian translation in recent a half of a year, the development of in Russia is also getting better and better.

At the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, Li Chunyang discovered many “business opportunities”. "As Chinese enterprises undertake more and more exchanges with the world, our opportunities are also increasing rapidly. Everyone knows English, but when it involves in the professional areas such as the chemical industry and architecture, the English accumulated in the daily life may not be enough. Therefore, in addition to select sectors, our platform can search for languages and match more professional language talents through the selection of segments."