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"Cross-border E-commerce + Future Retail" Becomes New Tornado

At the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the "cross-border e-commerce" was a topic heatedly discussed by the participants. Now, under the new trend of "future retail", the cross-border e-commerce has a new connotation.


According to informed sources, the will open its first offline direct-sale store of the cross-border e-commerce in Hangzhou within the next few days. The offline direct-sale store will provide all kinds of cross-border imported goods for consumers and consumers can directly buy cross-border imported goods in the store. After a rapid Customs clearance, the goods can be directly taken out, thus reducing the inconvenience happened in the past because of the offline store of the cross-border e-commerce cannot directly take delivery of goods.


It happens that there is a similar case. The news came from the a few days ago that its first cross-border bonded offline self-picking up store will be located in Hangzhou so as to realize the landing of the new retail of the cross-border e-commerce. After the landing of the bonded offline self-picking up store of the, consumers can buy for the first time the traceable authentic goods directly purchased overseas through the regular cross-border channels in a legal compliance manner.


During the "Black Friday" Deals Week in 2017,, the e-commerce of cross-border import supply chain, launched the cross-border e-commerce + unattended retail mode in Chongqing, which is the first in its kind in China, and created "Wow!", the existing largest outdoor intelligent unattended convenience store. In addition, according to the news from, its first cross-border new retail integrated store will be settled down and opened in Chongqing within this year.


The new tornado of the “cross-border e-commerce + future retail” which is blew by, and has become the biggest hot spot in the two industries of cross-border import e-commerce and new retail.


In this regard, Cao Lei, Director-General of the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, said that although there were a lot of import cross-border e-commerce enterprises set up the mode from online to offline before, most of them were confined to the offline display and online purchase and the degree of satisfaction of consumers’ offline experience was not high. Therefore, this mode has been in a state of "small scale".


“Recently, several cross-border e-commerce offline direct-sale stores and self-picking up stores are about to open, which means that it is no longer necessary for many Chinese consumers to go to duty-free shops in other countries for shopping through outbound travel and they only need to go to the core commercial circles in their own cities to buy authentic imported goods with global prices and global synchronization. This is undoubtedly a good news for the “cross-border big buyers” and the users who pursue the upgrading of the quality consumption. " Cao Lei predicts that due to the promotion of consumption upgrading trend, the offline retail and cross-border e-commerce industry which is constantly transboundary and integrated, is expected to become one of the mainstream new retail formats in the future, which represents the general direction of industry development and consumption upgrading and has unlimited potential.