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Post sorting “Intelligent Robot” went online with a loading capacity of 500 kg

UAVs, unmanned vehicles, intelligent robots, AR/VR technology ... These logistics “black technology” has become a bright spot on CIFTIS. China Express Association led nearly 20 express companies and upstream and downstream enterprises to appear on 2017 Fair. The logistics technologies such as smart warehousing robot, sorting robot, VR video, QR code freight note made a stage pose one after another.

With the “black technology” products of logistics being put into operation, China Post launched the first smart field mail transportation system and put it into application in Beijing Post Center the other day. It has orange appearance and rectangular shape and varies from the “Little Yellow” which was already widely used in the logistics industry. “AGV Robot” that was put into operation this time is mainly suitable for the standard operation sites and can carry 500kg once, which greatly increases the efficiency of mail handling in the field and the degree of automation.

In the sorting site of Beijing Post Center, the orange rectangular robots are carrying green cages filled with parcels in an orderly manner. “The forward route is designed in advance by programs, and the movement is based on the QR code on the ground”, the relevant person in charge of Beijing Post Center said. But its intelligence is more than these aspects. 

It is understood that the smart mail handling robot was named “AGV-500D jack-up intelligent robot”, with a loading capacity of 500 kg. Under the control of the computer system, the robot can precisely scan the preset QR code on the site road at a speed of 1.5 meters per second to get the optimal route and run through the site, realizing the efficient delivery of mails. At the same time, it also supports the operating systems such as IPAD mobile client, and automatically homes to charge itself. The robot takes 4 universal wheels and two driving wheels as support and traction, so it can charge itself and avoid obstacles. In addition, it is able to optimize the intelligent transportation line, identify and adjust the direction of cages automatically, and it can work even if QR codes on the ground are damaged.

Beijing Post Center is an important mail collection and distribution center of China Post. It is responsible for the sorting, dispatching and transportation of letters, parcels, prints, newspapers, journals, etc. that are posted to or from Beijing. After the double-deck sorter was put into operation in 2017, the mail processing capacity of Beijing Post Center increased significantly, with the daily maximum mail processing quantity reached 634,000 packages and 2 million letters and prints. After the “AGV Robot” is put online, Beijing Post Center will disable 60 electric carriers, which will save more than 80 drivers, and greatly enhance the on-site transmission speed of parcel mails.