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Real-Name Posting and Delivery will be realized in Full Coverage This Year

Ma Junsheng, Director-General of the State Post Bureau said in the “minister channel” of the Great Hall of the People on March 19 that the real-name posting and delivery would be realized in full coverage this year.


Ma Junsheng said that since last year, 153 cities nationwide have piloted the real-name posting and delivery, which has got the understanding of the whole society and active cooperation of the general merchants and users. At present, about 100 million real-name postings are received every day, accounting for 83% of the daily express delivery.


For the protection of users’ personal information, Ma Junsheng said that the bottom line of safety should always be adhered to. The actions of the delivery enterprises such as the collection, verification, transmission, preservation and destruction of personal information will be specifically specified. Multiple measures such as the identity cover, authority management and information encryption will be actively taken to strengthen the protection of users’ personal information. According to law and together with the public security units,more efforts will be made for supervision and inspection and we will severely crack down those behaviors of illegally providing and stealing users’ personal information, etc so as to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of users of posting and delivery.


Ma Junsheng said that the development mode of Chinese express delivery is down-to-earth and the future market space is very large. We should further give full play to the role of public service platform of the express delivery to serve the modern manufacturing and modern agriculture and make it as the mobile warehouse of the modern manufacturing industry. We will continue to push the rural network to cover the townships and villages. Currently the rate of rural express delivery coverage reached 87% and nearly 600 million farmers enjoy online shopping services.