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The Economic Summit of the China Development Forum Focused on "Artificial Intelligence"

The intelligent robots with different shapes moved freely and shown their "wisdom" in communicating smoothly with people. The ecological purifier in red and green which is built with silvernet plant and wolf tail fern used intelligent maintenance system to produce clean and moist air for the surrounding environment…. During the 2017 Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, the artificial intelligence became the focus of the whole exhibition. There is no doubt that in recent years, the artificial intelligence is changing the mode of the operation and development of the global economy and society, especially in the industrial transformation.


The Economic Summit of the China Development Forum which is being held in Beijing still takes the artificial intelligence as the focus of the discussion. Li Meng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that scientific and technological innovation is the powerful engine of the new business revolution. In the future, China will continue to strengthen the innovation of science and technology in view of the new market demand and promote the construction of China's modern economic system.


Li Meng said that as for the technologies which will affect the business revolution in the future, besides the widely used mobile internet, big data and clouding computing, there will still be a series of new technologies worthy of attention, including 5G communication technology, a new generation artificial intelligence, internet of things and block chain technology. "In the future, China will focus on new market demands, increase scientific and technological innovation, including the construction of digitalized and intelligent business infrastructures and develop the disruptive technologies which will lead the industrial transformation such as the quantum information, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and nanotechnology."


Liu liehong, General Manager of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, expressed that China is vigorously promoting the realization of deep integration between the internet, big data and artificial intelligence and the real economy, the artificial intelligence has become the new engine of innovation and development of enterprises and the “industry + artificial intelligence” is becoming a new method and a new mode of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


Yuri Milner, the founder of DST expressed that over the past 12 years, the number of data enterprises increased by 60 times.  Only the large multinational corporations undertook global trade in the past, but now small and medium enterprises can also undertake global trade with the platforms such as Google, Facebook and Alibaba, which is encouraging. About 360 million people worldwide are involved in e-commerce, while 900 million people have accounts on social media. The digitalization and artificial intelligence are not only possible, but also essential. If the global economy is to grow further, this point must be strengthened.


"According to McKinsey's research, the contribution rate of the artificial intelligence to the growth of the world economy can reach 1.4% to 1.8%. So we have to tap the potential of the artificial intelligence to contribute to the economic growth and social development. " Yuri Milner said.


Hans Paul Burkner, Global Chairman of the Boston Consulting Group expressed that "the digitalization will fundamentally change every industry, every company and the lives of everybody. The artificial intelligence is another step forward and makes these changes possible." However, he stressed that the artificial intelligence is not a "magic", nor a "panacea", the key is how the mankind to use this tool of the artificial intelligence. In the era of artificial intelligence, better solutions must be found. "We must consider all aspects of the value chain and consider on which links we can use the artificial intelligence. We should start to make the experiment from now on."