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Provisional Regulations on Express Delivery Become Effective in May

Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council recently signed a decree of the State Council announcing the "Provisional Regulations on Express Delivery", which will become effective from May 1, 2018.


The express delivery sector is an important part of the service industry. At the CIFTIS, the express delivery attracted many eyes whether at the express delivery exhibition area, or in the conference of the express delivery sector. In recent years, the express delivery sector in China has developed rapidly and the volume of express delivery service has topped in the world for four consecutive years. In order to promote the healthy development of the express delivery sector, ensure the safety of the express delivery, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the express delivery users and strengthen the supervision and management of the express delivery sector, the State Council has formulated the "Regulations".


Focusing on the promotion of the sustainable and healthy development of the express delivery sector, the "Regulations" stipulate a series of systems and measures for safeguarding the sector development, including the measure which specifies that when the express delivery business enterprises and their subsidiaries open the end outlets of the express delivery, they only need to report for record according to the requirement, don't need to apply for a business license. The local people's governments at or above the county level should incorporate the development of the express delivery sector into the national economic and social development plan at their own level and coordinately consider the need of land to be used for the infrastructure of the express delivery such as the large distribution and sorting places. The departments such as the public security and communications and transportation and the postal administrative department of the local people's governments at or above the county level should establish a sound safeguarding mechanism for the transportation of express delivery and guarantee according to law the passing and temporary parking rights of the express delivery service vehicles.The enterprises, public institutions and the management units of residential areas should take a variety of ways to provide necessary convenience for carrying out the express delivery services. The construction of the transportation channels and connection places of the express delivery transportation which are matched with the transportation hubs such as the large railway stations, docks and airports should be supported. The enterprises which operate the express delivery business will be encouraged to undertake the inbound and outbound express delivery business according to law, the construction of the processing centers for inbound and outbound express packages at the key ports, the establishment of the overseas express delivery service agencies and the setting up the express package processing places according to law will be supported. The departments such as the customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine and postal administrative department shall establish a cooperation mechanism to perfect the management of entry-exit express packages and promote the realization of convenient customs clearance, etc.