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The 5th CIFTIS Entered the Countdown and 60 Countries and Regions Confirmed to Organize Delegations to Participate the Fair

The 5th CIFTIS will be held at the China National Convention Center from May 28 to June 1, 2018. The 5th CIFTIS formerly entered into the 60-day countdown on March 29.  The Organizing Committee of the CIFTIS released to the public the information about the progress of preparation, conference activities and the planning of the exhibition area of this CIFTIS. This CIFTIS will prominently highlight the "Belt and Road" as well as the theme of "opening up, innovation and integration” so as to create a “never-ending CIFTIS".

The 5th CIFTIS will be a grand gathering of international trade in services to be held under the background of implementing for the first year the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, the 40th anniversary of China’s reforms and opening up and promoting the formation of a new pattern of all-round opening up. It will organize 50,000 square meters of exhibition and display as well as more than 120 forums and conferences and negotiation and trading activities centering on the main theme and main line of promoting the development of the “opening up, innovation and integration” of the service industry and trade in strives so as to try to create an authoritative platform of global trade in services, of which China has the initiative and the discourse power.

Xian Guoyi, Director-General of the Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of the Ministry of Commerce, introduced the development status of China's trade in services. At present, China's trade in services has maintained rapid development. The average annual growth rate from 2012 to 2017 was 7.8%, the total scale maintained the second in the world and the proportion of the trade in services to foreign trade reached 14.5%. At the same time, he also pointed out that China will further promote the innovation and development of the trade in services, continue to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, push the formation of a new pattern of all-round opening up, seize new opportunities for the development of the digital economy, create a national brand of “China service" and promote the “China service” and “China manufacture” to jointly form a new advantage in the international economic cooperation and competition.


Yan Ligang, Director-General of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, introduced that since the preparation work started, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Commerce and the Beijing Municipality have actively prepared and fully cooperated and relevant international organizations, domestic and foreign industry chambers of commerce and associations and relevant countries and regions have actively participated and hosted various activities. As a result, all the preparatory work proceeds in an orderly way.