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Silk Road International Theatre Alliance will Debut at the 5th CIFTIS

The 5th CIFTIS will be held in the China National Convention Center from May 28 to June 1, 2018. The CPAA Theatres, a subsidiary company of the China Arts and Entertainment Group, will debut together with the "Silk Road International Theatre Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as the Silk Alliance) and hold the music industry conference to actively promote the Chinese music industry to "go out".


The 2018 China (Beijing) Music Industry Conference will be opened on May 31 during the 5th CIFTIS. With the form of "characteristic exhibition + thematic conference", the Conference will invite well-known experts and scholars within the industry such as the responsible persons of the Silk Alliance member units, domestic performing troupes, theaters, performance agencies, music training institutions and music towns to have in-depth discussions focusing on the topics such as the new hot spots, new formats and new fields, etc. in the development of the music industry to promote the confluence docking of the three parties of the product side, demand side and the capital side of the music industry content, and build a sharing, exchanging and trading platform for the professional and authoritative music industry to promote the docking of resources of the music towns and culture and tourism industry and to share experience in project production and operation through the forms such as the road show, negotiation and contract signing.


"This is our first appearance as a sponsor in the CIFTIS, which is a different experience for both sides". Zhang Li, General Manager of the CPAA Theatres, introduced that the 2018 China (Beijing) Music Industry Conference which will take the theme of "focusing on the music market and releasing the future of the industry," will hold various types of exchanges and display activities such as conference promotion, theme discussion, exhibition and display and interactive performance. The exhibition link includes the music town exhibition, the music education and training exhibition, the exhibition of film and television music industry chain, the joint exhibition of the Silk Road International Theatre Alliance and the exhibition of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Performing Arts Union. The docking of the film and television music and music town projects, the forum of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Performing Arts Union and the docking of the music education and musical instrument supplier projects will be held at the breakout session.


In addition, the CPAA Theatres will also hold the activity of the joint exhibition of the Silk Road International Theatres Alliance at this Conference to show the cultural characteristics and the results of cultural exchanges of the countries along the Silk Road so as to further enhance the internationalization of this music industry conference and bring the "Belt and Road" international force to the CIFTIS.


According to Zhang Li’s introduction, under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the CPAA Theatres initiated in 2016 the launching of the Silk Road International Theatres Alliance which is a large multilateral international performing platform. At present, the Silk Alliance which has 87 member units globally including 33 countries and regions and two international organizations, has rich international resources of music performing arts. The Silk Alliance aims to build a large platform for cultural exchange, cooperation and trade among countries all over the world so as to promote cultural exchanges, integration and communication among peoples with different languages, different colors and in different countries. During the music industry conference, the CPAA Theatres will also complete the contract signing of three large projects with Baoneng Cultural Tourism Group so as to have win-win cooperation of the industry, introduce overseas excellent music resources and promote the domestic quality plays.