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“Medical Tourism” Becomes the Key Word of the 5th CIFTIS

“Will our country be able to offer internationalized medical services through CIFTIS?” This was the question raised by Shi Liying -Deputy Secretary General of CMDA -a few days ago on the press conference featuring health and medical services during the 5th CIFTIS.  Hu Bo, Party Secretary of Ciming Checkup as well as Principal of the executing agency for the “Subject of Health and Medical Services” during the 5th CIFTIS, medical tourism has become the emerging industry globally, during the subject of health and medical services of the CIFTIS, “Medical Tourism” will be the key word which will be frequently brought up.


It is reported that the 5th CIFTIS is to be held at CNCC from May 28 to June 1. As it was introduced by Hu Bo, the “Subject of Health and Medical Services” of the 5th CIFTIS will focus on “Assisting the Belt and Road Medical Services”, and it will help set up a cooperation trade platform aiming at internationalization, power up the construction of a system that will cover the complete life cycle of health and medical services, establish an international medical services brand, provide countries and regions along the belt and road with services so as to further internationalize China’s health and medical industries, fitting in the market then going out to the rest of the world.


While visiting the planning library for the preliminary zone of Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism, President Xi Jinping pointed out that vigorous efforts shall be made to develop the health undertaking to become a physically healthy nation. Medical tourism has become the fastest-growing emerging industry in the world while there are hundreds of thousands of people from China alone to go on medical tour in overseas countries. Hu Bo has revealed that in 2017, the global medical tourism services industry was worth up to USD 700 billion, among which, the sum coming from westerners coming to Asia on medical tour amounted to USD 300 billion.


Hainan is a renowned island of health and longevity with first-class environmental quality where the development of medical tourism enjoys unique conditions. The preliminary zone of Bo’ao Lecheng International Medical Tourism is currently the only park featuring medical tourism approved by the State Council in the country which is entitled to the 9 one and only preferential policies including “Privileged Medical Services” granted by the country. So far, the construction of 27 projects has been commenced, of which, 7 rehabilitation institutions are in operation, and Phase I of Bo’ao super hospital has been also completed and open.


Previously, Shen Xiaoming -Governor of Hainan -has mentioned at the sub-forum of the “Belt and Road” and Health Industry Development, “our plan is to retain Chinese patients going abroad for medical treatment first, then to attract tourists from surrounding countries and regions to come here on medical tour, so as to build Hainan into an Asian destination for medical tour.”


Shen Xiaoming has put forward 3 initiatives regarding advancing the health undertaking. First, step up academic exchanges. With the communication platform of BFA, set up an international forum for medical tourism to enhance cooperation in terms of inter-country academic exchanges in medical industries as well as talent development, etc. promoting sharing of resources and information. Second, strengthen policy coordination. Promote policy correlation regarding medical industries, medical insurance, international currency settlement, customs declaration as well as inspection and quarantine together with diplomatic visa, etc. among countries. Third, intensify technical cooperation among medical institutions. Guide forces including first-class institutes for scientific research in the world, colleges and universities and expert teams, etc. to set up an alliance of technology R&D and application to tackle difficult as well as miscellaneous diseases under joint efforts, bringing benefits to everyone in the world by way of cutting-edge outcomes from scientific research.