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2018 China Franchise Exhibition of Beijing Debuts, Catering Brand Keeps the most Attractive Focus

From May 4 to May 6, the world-famous franchise exhibition China Franchise Exhibition of Beijing Leg was held at the National Convention Center. More than 600 chain brands of over 20 countries and regions all over the world participated in, covering more than 70 franchise modes. The China Franchise Exhibition is a professional franchise exhibition organized by the China Chain Operation Association and Mengxiangjia. It attracts thousands of franchise brands from the world to participate in the exhibition every year. There are also many new-born brands joining the debut on this platform, this exhibition is known as the wind vane of franchise industry. In the officially announced exhibition list, the catering brand is still one of the most attractive focus in this exhibition. Nearly 50% of the participating brands belong to catering industry. The newly emerging popular categories such as fish with pickled cabbage, fried rice, tea drink plus retail,takeaways,rice balls,etc.are also on the list.


According to the 2017 Culinary Consumption Report released by China Cuisine Association, the total annual catering revenue of 2017 was approximately 3.9 trillion Yuan. This number is still growing at a rate of over 10%. While those who were born in 1980s and 1990s are becoming main consumers, the demand is getting more personalized and diversified, the categories of catering are increasing and its industrial patterns tends to be more diversified. Therefore, the appearance of so many segmented brands in the Beijing Exhibition once again confirms this view.


In 2016, driven by the new types of tea drink such as HEYTEA and NAYUKI, the tea drink market is in an outbreaking period, and it is predicted that the year of 2018 will be “the outbreak of tea drinking”. The list of this exhibition has proved and gathered more than 60 drink brands. In addition, there are also new types of drinks, such as frozen yogurt, matcha drink, molecular ice cream, dark cloud ice cream, bird's nest drink, etc.


With the growing understanding of "Internet plus “and "consumption upgrading", various "plus" brands have been generated, which also appeared in this exhibition. There are coffee shop of love with the theme of "coffee plus love”; “the antique coffee shop with the theme of "coffee plus antique furniture"; the cross-border e-commerce brand with the theme of "Internet plus retail”, and self-service convenience stores, self-service retail vending machine brand etc.


As those who were born in 1980s and 1990s are in a relay race to become parents, the education quality for children increasingly attracts their attention and stimulates the market to follow the trend. With the influence of smart technology and big data, etc., the traditional training of music, dance, painting and swimming has added new contents such as: robot education, intelligent education and programming education. In the exhibitors' list of Beijing exhibition, there are more than 40 brands at the aspects of education and training.


This exhibition event also held franchise investment lecture for investors, 10 master executives of different industries, senior experienced experts, legal experts were on site to guide investors how to correctly select and operate franchise projects .