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2018 Beijing International Forum for Headquarters Economy will debut at CIFTIS on May 30

2018 Beijing International Forum for Headquarters Economy, marking as one of the important events of the 5th CIFTIS (China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services), will be held at China National Convention Center on May 30. The Forum aims to "focus on the new positioning of Beijing and make new strides in headquarters economy".


According to Xu Bin, Secretary-general of Beijing Headquarters Enterprise Association, so far, Beijing has only 4,007 headquarters enterprises meeting the requirement of the industrial positioning of Beijing. In spite of the number of these enterprises accounting for less than 1% of the total enterprises in Beijing, they contributed over 70% to the city's GDP. Xu Bin expressed his hope to strengthen headquarters economy in accompany with Beijing's strategic positioning at the significant occasion of CIFTIS, to support the development of innovative headquarters enterprises, to contribute efforts to making Beijing into the center of global high-end enterprise headquarters and boost quality economic growth of Beijing.


The Forum reportedly aims to thoroughly implement Beijing Urban Master Plan (2016-2035) and will invite relevant members from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics to introduce the development quality and outcomes of headquarters economy in Beijing. Further, representatives of enterprises among Fortune Global 500 and also of foreign cooperative enterprises will make keynote speeches in the Forum. Xu Bin also expressed his intention to make in-depth discussions on how to achieve the  globalization strategy and objectively analyze the business environment of headquarters economy in Beijing at this forum.