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Internet Technology Leads the Optimization & Upgrading of Trade in Services

Lei Jun,Founder of Xiaomi Inc, Chairman of the Board and CEO, gave a speech at the Global Trade in Services Summit of the 5th CIFTIS, he expressed, at present, based on Internet technology and its pattern, services trade has become one of the main driving forces of economic growth to promote organizational transition, the upgrading of industrial structure and the optimal allocation of resources, breeding new service enterprises, and leading the constant upgrading of the services trade. In the future, Internet of things, big data, cloud services, technological innovation in the field of artificial intelligence will boost the new era of "all things will be connected through internet", countries, enterprises or individual will all get involved in. Faced with the fierce competition of world-class Internet giants, Chinese enterprises can only stand a good chance to win the whole market by means of being with more open and more innovative spirit as well as more core technologies and patents.