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The 2nd Regular Press Conference of the 5th CIFTIS was Held

I Summary of Major Results

May 29 saw numerous special activities held - two international forums-2018 "One Belt and One Road" Sino-Russian Cooperation Forum, 2018 (Beijing) International Creative Economy Forum and Opening Ceremony of AR Industry Development Forum were successfully held; ten special events of foreign countries, regions, municipalities and provinces in Brazil, Denmark, the Caribbean, Lithuania, Thailand, Hungary, Hong Kong, Henan, Shanghai and Tianjin were staged; 26 industry-related promotion and discussion activities were included in this massive forum.

II Forecast of Major Schedules and Special Activities in the Next Day
On May 30, thirty-two activities were included in the Fifth CIFTIS


(1) Twenty-five industry-related special negotiations
Professional Forum I: ZOL International Excellent Scientific and Technological Achievements Launching and Promotional Conference, 2018 China Electronic Commerce Conference; Professional Forum II: Globalization Trans-boundary E-business Development Forum, 2018 China Electronic Commerce Conference; Professional Forum III: Quality life-Precise Poverty Alleviation and Community E-business Forum, 2018 China Electronic Commerce Conference; Professional Forum IV: Ecological Wisdom- Intelligent Business Forum, 2018 China Electronic Commerce Conference; Professional Forum V: Iterative Evolution-E-business Service Forum, Salutation to Da Vinci Global Lighting & Shadow Art Exhibition Beijing Press Conference, Children Intelligence Alliance "Tencent Children Open Platform" Innovation Integration Summit, International Cultural Trade Development Forum, Chinese and Foreign Culture Cooperation Projects Promotion and Discussion Meeting, Project Matching for Town Music and Film and Television Music, Project Matching for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Show Alliance and Arts Resources, 2018 China Cyber Games Industry Meeting & Keynote Forum, Project Matching for 2018 China Cyber Games Industry Meeting and Precise Investment, ESCC China Beijing International Cyber Games Tournament-Legend Alliance, The Belt and Road TCM Trans-boundary Integration Development Summit, TCM Regimen Lecture in Bilingual Note health, 2018 TCM International Health Tourism Development Forum, The Belt and Road Conference on Development, Exchange and Cooperation of TCM& The Second International Seminar on Non-drug Therapy, 2018 TCM Health Care Service Development Strategy Seminar & The Launching Ceremony of the Elderly Friendly Smart Health Life Circle Project, Event Authoritative Information Release, China Brand Exhibition Roundtable, 2018 China Express Delivery Industry (International) Development Conference, 2018 Chinese Food and Beverage High-end Summit, 2018 Beijing Headquarter International Economy Summit, 2018 Intelligent Service Summit.


(2) One special activity in district, municipality and province
Tianjin Thematic Day


(3) Six special activities of overseas countries and regions
The Second ZRC Culture Brand Enterprise Innovation Exchange Meeting, Finland Special Event, Australia Special Event, African Thematic Day Forum, Polish Coastal Provinces Tourism Promotion Meeting, Sri Lanka Investment Seminar were included.