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The 3rd Regular Press Conference of the 5th CIFTIS was Held

I.The briefing of Brazil – the country of honor in the 5th CIFTIS

Vice-minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services of Brazil, Mr. Douglas Finardi Ferreira introduced the current cooperation of trade in services between China and Brazil and its main participation as the country of honor in the 5th CIFTIS.


As the country of honor in the 5th CIFTIS, the Brazilian government enhanced diversity and value increment in its export, especially in the service industry. It also increased the amount of Brazilian enterprises in China. In addition, it endeavored to encourage investments in new areas, focusing on the export or innovation of economic value-added industries.


II. Main achievements summary

Today is the halfway through the 5th CIFTIS. Until now, it has held more than ninety activities. Today, it has held 32 conferences.


III.The main agenda and highlights forecast on the next day

On 31st May, the fifth CIFTIS will hold 30 activities:
(1)   1 international forum
(2)   21 industry conference negotiation activities
(3)   1 thematic activity for provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities
(4)   7 thematic activities for foreign countries and regions