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The New Era Beijing Commercial Service Industy International Branding Development Summit Forum was Successfully Held

On May.28,  The New Era Beijing Commercial Service Industy International Branding Development Summit Forum that was organized by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce was successfully held at the 5th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services(CIFTIS)where Shen Jinsheng, the Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, delivered a speech and announced "Beijing Commerce & Service Industry Development Report (2017), Wang Ying,  the Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance , Guo Xiaoming, the Inspector of Beijing Municipal Information Office, Pan Xinsheng, the Deputy Director of  Beiing Municipal Intellectual Property Office and representatives from other city departments, regional commerce commissions, relevant industry associations and enterprises, totaling nearly 300 domestic and foreign distinguished guests participated.


In recent years, based on the strategic positioning of the "Four Centers", Beijing has accelerated the improvement of quality, efficiency and healthy development of the business service industry. In 2017, leasing and business services in the city's GDP totaled RMB 196.55 billion, accounting for 7% of the GDP, as business services has become the part  of Capital "Advanced"  industrial structure and the city's important force of economic growth. This massive forum focused on the international brand development theme of the city's business service industry in the new era, with each link closely related with the current hot spots, mainly presenting the following characteristics:


I. Modernity. The report on the development of Beijing business service industry (2017) was officially released on this massive event. From the perspective of industry contribution, the construction of "Four Centers" is essential to direct service of business service industry; from the point of view of key areas, "Advanced" is increasingly obvious; from the perspective of spatial layout, integration effect takes shape; in view of the development trend, the level of openness has been continuously consolidated. The city's business service industry plays an important role in implementing the strategic positioning of the "Four Centers" and constructing the "Advanced" economic structure.


II.  Open Sharing. This forum was highly supported by Chinese and foreign industry experts and scholars and entrepreneurs who delivered respective speech regarding  industry development opportunities under the context of business services industry internationalization and "Belt and Road" brand development strategy and spoke freely and jointly discussed how to promote the new development of internationalization and business services brand with the new momentum. Contracts for 7 dedicated projects have been signed among business service enterprises, along with a platform established for win-win cooperation.


III. Brand Cultivation. "2017 Top 100 Beijing Business Service Independent Brands" were disclosed on the forum where Beijing Brand Association, Beijing Human Resources Service Industry Association, Beijing Certified Tax Expert Association, Beijing Lawyer Association, Beijing Assets Evaluation Association, Beijing Certified Laywer Association, Beijing International Conference Exhibition Association, Beijing Intellectual Property Service Association and Beijing Capital Security Association jointly issued honorary list for improved business services brand influence and brand international competitiveness to popularize "Beijing Business Service" Brand.