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2018 Beijing Headquarters Economy International Summit successfully closed

On May 30, 2018 Beijing Headquarters Economy International Summit was successfully closed. Based on the theme of "Focusing on the new positioning of headquarter function and realizing the new development of headquarter economy", this summit expounded the new path of Beijing headquarter economy development in the new era. Beijing headquarters enterprises, regional headquarters of multinational corporations, relevant commissions and bureaus, competent district government and national think-tank experts gathered together, spoke freely, and jointly presented a wonderful feast on thinking collision, achieving fruitful results. Beijing headquarters Enterprise Association signed "headquarter Enterprises supportive of Beijing Technological Creative Center Building" Agreement with Huairou Science City, headquarter Sub-center, Beijing's New Airport, Shunyi Comprehensive Bond Regions and other regional institutions. In addition, two headquarter enterprises signed partnership agreement with some multinational corporations.


Wang Guofeng, the Director of Beijing headquarters Enterprise Association in his remark summarized the unshakable positioning of Beijing headquarters Economy featuring high level and openness using the "Three Improvements", namely: improved social influence, improved collective wisdom and improved job platforms, respectively.


Yan Ligang, the Director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, from the holistic perspective, reviewed Beijing headquarter economic development achievements in the past five years: headquarters economy is currently supportive of high quality Beijing modern economic system as an important part of the "high-tech" industry, and the main carrier and logo for "Beijing Services" brand. Based on the implementation of Beijing City General Plan (2016-2035), Yan Ligang proposed a new idea for Beijing headquarter economic development following a period of time in which we need to expand headquarter Economy suitable for Beijing City strategic position, supporting the development of headquarter innovative enterprises, creating a metropolis for worldwide advanced corporations, continuously optimizing business environment, promoting the development of high-quality headquarter economy, and injecting new dynamism for building a harmonious and livable world-class city.