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The 4th Regular Press Conference of the 5th CIFTIS was Held


I. Important contents release

The press conference agenda of 2018 The 6th China Eco-Quadrathlon Open Tournament

(Host: The anchor of CCTV5)


1. Introduction of the leaders and media at the press conference

2. A speech from the founder of  China Eco-Quadrathlon Open Tournament, Professor Zhang Jian, Dean of School of Sports and Tourism, Beijing Sport University.

3. A speech from Li Liangcai, Associate consultant of Management Committee, Hubin New District, Suqian. He introduced the future planning of eco-sport and business cooperation.

4.  Xu Yun, Director of Outdoor Sport Department, China Mountaineering Association, announced relevant matches.

5. Five leaders who attended the conference took a group photo with the flag of 2018 The 6th China Eco-Quadrathlon Open Tournament.


II. Main achievements summary

It is the fourth day since the opening of the5th CIFTIS. There has been a variety of activities and wonderful highlights, and there has been 30 conference negotiation activities in total.


III. The main agenda and highlights forecast on the next day

On 1st June, the fifth CIFTIS will hold 13 activities:

(1)  Signing ceremony

(2)  8 industry thematic conference negotiation activities

(3)  1 thematic activity for provincesautonomous regions and municipalities

(4)  3 thematic activities for foreign countries and regions