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Precise Investment Promotion Platform was awarded for CIFTIS Demonstration Case

In this session of CIFTIS, the precise investment promotion platform developed by Beyondsoft was awarded for CIFTIS demonstration case. Different from traditional government investment business, the big data platform of precise investment promotion has a definite object in view. Driven by big data, it can make precise investment, dynamic monitoring and cross-region insights. It can make intelligent data analysis via big data technology and support building core function of investment promotion. Management enhancement and business optimization are made for industry analysis, talent strategy, risk avoidance and government credit occurred in the process.


Sun Tielin, the vice president of Beyondsoft said, “The purpose of developing the big data platform of precise investment promotion is to apply big data to government work, to promote economic development, to enhance government administration level, to drive the transformation of government affairs from traditional mode to a mode of modernized administration system and administration capability.”