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Long Yongtu: Chinese Enterprises should properly seize the Opportunity of Globalization to implement the “Going Abroad” Strategy


As one of the five highlights in the 5th CIFTIS, promoting the cooperation in the “Belt and Road” service sector is absolutely a top priority. In the morning of 31st May, the sixth China International Economic Cooperation "Going Abroad" strategy" Summit Forum was held by China Association for International Economic Cooperation at China National Convention Center in Beijing. The theme focuses on advancing the “Belt and Road” Initiative and strengthening international industry capacity cooperation. Former vice-minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, former secretary general of Boao Forum for Asia, Long Yongtu, made a speech in which he encouraged Chinese enterprises to firmly implement the “Going Abroad” strategy and properly seize the opportunity of globalization.


The president of China Association for International Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Commerce, Cui Mingmo pointed out in his speech that since the first CIFTIS in 2012, China Association for International Economic Cooperation had successfully held five “Going Abroad” strategy Summit Forum up to now. There were over 1,800 enterprises participating the forum and the contract value of signed projects with intent was more than 40 billion RMB. “Going abroad” strategy Summit Forum has been recognized as one of CIFTIS brand projects by CIFTIS organization committee.