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Fruitful Results from the “Belt and Road” Forum for City Cooperation of China and Russia –9 Projects were Contracted with the Value of 3 Billion Yuan

In recent days, the fact that Chinese President Xi Jinping conferred the China’s first-ever “Friendship Medal” upon Russian President Putin was undoubtedly one of the striking highlights in SCO Qingdao Summit. This significant “Friendship Medal” expresses the sincere respect of Chinese people to President Putin. Furthermore, it symbolizes the profound friendship between the two great nations – China and Russia.


The “Belt and Road” Forum for City Cooperation of China and Russia which was co-hosted by World Trade Point Federation, Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Administration of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Culture Professional Committee of Social Council of Russian Federation, Russia Russia-China Strategic Cooperation Association, Russia Gerontology and Pathobiology Institute and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held at International Conference Center in Beijing. The forum aims to further implement spirit of the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation and to pragmatically promote multi-directional cooperation among Sino-Russian friendship cities along the “Belt and Road”. It also aims to build a bridge of inter-communication and mutual-aid for Chinese and Russian cities and to establish a platform of communication, cooperation and win-win relationship for enterprises in the two countries. With the principles of extensive consultation, shared benefits and joint contribution, it aims to constantly strengthen mutual beneficial cooperation among relevant Chinese and Russian cities, to facilitate cooperation among enterprises of the two countries in a pragmatic manner and to promote the economic, trade and cultural development of the cities in China and Russia.