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Green Industry Investment Funds will serve for Building Green Technology

Building beautiful China, promoting green development, establishing and improving an economic system with the green, low-carbon and circular development are hot topics in recent years. On May 31st, the 5th CIFTIS environment services (green economy) theme-specific conference — “2018 Green Economic Wealth Forum” was held at China National Convention Center in Beijing. With “green development” as the topic, the forum focused on high-quality economic growth and the "Belt and Road" green cooperation, promoting global service trade cooperation based on green development factors.


On the forum, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Sha Zukang made a keynote speech in which he pointed out that Chinese economy had been transformed from high-speed growth to high-quality development. Green development is essential to building high-quality modernized economic system and a key solution to pollution. He said, the "Belt and Road" Initiative aims to integrate the Chinese green development concept and high-quality industry into the cooperation between China and the countries along the "Belt and Road". With several years' development, Chinese enterprises’ environmental infrastructure construction and services with environmental friendly nature had been playing an important role in the construction of countries along the "Belt and Road".


Consultant of the State Council, former vice-minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Liu Yanhua, in his keynote speech — “Green Economy and High-quality Growth” noted that a wave of the third industrial revolution with basic factors of “green industry cluster, cloud industry cluster and advanced manufacturing industry cluster” had started. “Sharing economy” is a new operational mechanism for integrating various industries. Liu Yanhua believed that the combination of green economy and sharing economy will form a modernized new type industry and will promote a further high-quality development of Chinese economy.


At the opening ceremony, International Green Economy Association and Germany Auro Group made a cooperation announcement and held a signing ceremony.