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Chinese and French Enterprises Communicated on Cultural and Creative Industry

In the 5th CIFTIS, 10 French innovative enterprises in cultural and creative industry attended “Sino-France Cultural Communication Platform” jointly built by French Embassy in China and Beijing Digital Creative Industry Association. On the thematic forum – “Jointly Focus – Undertakings and Challenges for France-Sino Cultural Innovation and Creativity” held on 29th May, Chinese and French enterprises respectively showed their expertise in cultural and creative industry such as cultural heritage protection and restoration, video production and stage design.

In this CIFTIS, 10 French cultural and creative enterprises took part in a series of activities such as training exchange meeting, themed seminars and one to one negotiation meetings. With tight and efficient schedule, the enterprises had quickly learned Chinese cultural industry ecology, focusing on innovation and challenges.

In the forum, Chinese and French enterprises took communication and interaction for three main topics – “Add value to cultural heritage by image digitalization”, “How can culture projects provide appropriate solutions to the development of cultural programs in public and private domains” and “Visual and music experience serving for new cultural contents”. On the activity site, it showed the APP for simple and effective short video design, “Augmented Reality” experience for visiting museums, techniques for heritage protection and restoration, scene design for innovative programs. Attendees enjoyed a new cultural experience.

Thibaut FABRE, counsellor for business investment of French Embassy in China, said in the opening speech that French and Chinese enterprises have enormous potential for cooperation in various cultural domains such as game, cultural and creative contents, augmented reality & virtual reality, lighting and music. “We used to believe that cultural domain and business domain are parallel to each other, but actually they have a close relationship.”

It was introduced that French cultural and creative industry have a great influence in the world, contributing 84 million Euros for French economy and creating over 1.3 million jobs. In addition, France have sound cultural infrastructures with 940 small theatres and 17 grand theatres spreading over major cities. The cultural influence has been rooted in the French society and people’s life.

Chen Wenqi, Deputy Inspector of Zhongguancun Administration Committee, introduced the relevant development situation of cultural and creative industry of Zhongguancun in the opening speech. He noted that in Zhongguancun, software information enterprises integrating culture and technology had grown fast in recent years, promoting the growth of industrial revenue. In the first half of 2017, there were 465 enterprises of which the revenue in cultural and creative industry was more than 100 million Yuan, increasing by 51 enterprises compared with the same period in last year. The total revenue accounted for nearly 90% of the revenue in cultural and creative industry of demonstration area. There were 58 over-one-billion-Yuan enterprises and 1 over-ten-billion-Yuan enterprise.

It was reported that in the past ten years, more than 33 thousand performance venues, approximately 6 thousand sets of facilitates and 4.6 thousand museums compliant with international standards had been invested and built up nationwide in China. They were used to support cultural and creative programs which were related to stage art communication, cultural heritage and contemporary art. For French enterprises aiming for international development, the large Chinese market had broad prospects and great attraction.