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Shanxi Delegation Featured “Red Exhibition Area” with Five Highlights in CIFTIS

With elegant-shape red lanterns, tall-and-grand red “Four beams and eight columns”, quaint and decorous Shanxi red courtyards, 60-square-meter Shanxi trade in services culture “Red exhibition area” was the unique one in 50,000-square-meter exhibition areas of which dominant hues were white or blue in the 5th CIFTIS. 20 enterprises and more than 60 kinds of trade in services products in five categories were intensively shown in a thematic and segmental way with distinctive characteristics and various highlights.


Highlight 1: Emphasize on opening-up theme.
The original intention of Shanxi delegation’s attending this CIFTIS is to promote the open development of service industry and trade in services. Among Shanxi Province trade in services products shown in the exhibition, nearly 90% of enterprises trade in services cultural products were exported and entered the international market. They included: “Inherit local craft, popularize native culture” – Jincheng Jinyifang Culture and Development Co., Ltd; Shanxi Province intangible cultural heritage -Guangling County Jianhong inside-painting folk handicrafts; a time-honored brand – Guangyuyuan Pharmaceutical Corporation with traditional Chinese medicine – “Dingkun Dan” and “Angong Niuhuang Pill”; Shanxi Zhendong Pharmaceutical Corporation specialized in “Chinese-Western pharmaceuticals, health care products, agricultural development and cultural tourism”; Licheng Limin Agriculture and Forestry Development Co., Ltd specialized in planting and processing of crops, Chinese herbs and production forest and leisure agriculture. They had become preferred products in the world.


Highlight 2: Emphasize on the integration of tradition and innovation.
One of the highlights of Shanxi traditional handicrafts shown in the 5th CIFTIS was a perfect combination of innovation and tradition, an ingenious connection of tradition and modernity, based on keeping national characteristics and Shanxi culture while being filled with lively elements of the times. The exhibition items included: handicrafts such as Datong necklaces and frogs with Tang Dynasty style and flying Apsaras characteristic; various resplendent bronze hot pots from Datong Tianyichang Corporation; Lingshangxiupin Corporation’s highly skilled embroideries such as brooches, bags and fans with hand embroideries; paper-cutting art from Zhongyang Fengyasong Corporation and Zhongyang Huayi Corporation. Folk stories were displayed by paper-cutting in an exaggerated manner, conveying new spirit of history and culture.


Highlight 3: Emphasize on cultural elements.
Cultural innovation was always a focus in CIFTIS and was also another highlight in Shanxi delegation’s exhibition. The trade in services cultural new products exhibition was very popular and attracted extensive attention of guests and media at home and abroad. Shanxi’s traditional culture was embodied by a small brooch with hand embroideries, a beautiful picture on a snuff bottle and a piece of root art calligraphy and painting works. Especially, audiences experienced intangible cultural heritage items’ unique charm from culture.


Highlight 4: Emphasize on AI technology.
The amazing AI naked eye 3D model machine showed technology innovation of Shanxi trade in services. It was easier to watch 3D movies with naked eye 3D model machine. The root art calligraphy was also a kind of typical product in science and technology innovation domain of Shanxi trade in services.


Highlight 5: Emphasize on Chinese traditional medicine health service experience.
With the combination of exhibition and performance, attendees enjoyed a unique interactive experience. Liu Huiwu, the inheritor of Shanxi Province intangible cultural heritage, on behalf of Guangyuyuan Corporation, performed a master-level skill related to Dingkun Dan – a Chinese traditional medicine. The skill he performed on the exhibition was a perfect combination of exhibition and performance, making audiences lost in wonder.