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Ministry of Commerce: Make all Efforts to Safeguard the Market Supply of Life Necessities during Flood Season

Recently, many areas in our country were hit by heavy rainfall, resulting in a grim situation of flood and typhoon prevention. A few days ago, Ministry of Commerce issued an emergency notification which required local commercial departments to firmly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, to attach high importance to the issue and to clear lines of responsibilities. With adopting practical and effective measures, it must make all efforts to guarantee the market supply of life necessities during flood season.

Five points are emphasized in the notification:

1 Strengthen the market monitoring for life necessities such as grains, edible oil, meats, eggs, vegetables, milk and product oil. Daily market monitoring report for life necessities shall be launched in the regions which were severely devastated with a large area.

2 Re-checking shall be made for the flood prevention facilities of commercial circulation enterprises such as supermarkets, agricultural trade markets, wholesale markets, distribution centers, reserve warehouses and gas stations. Hidden troubles shall be eliminated timely, ensuring adequate supplies and good facilities for flood prevention.

3 Wholesale markets, large and medium-scaled markets and key contact enterprises which provide commodities for emergency shall be instructed to increase the stock for life necessities such as grains, edible oil, meats, vegetables and supplies for flood prevention and rescue.

4 The management of commodities distributing center and delivery locations for emergency supplies shall be reinforced, ensuring an unimpeded delivery network.

5 Once an extreme case — a large number of commercial network and centers are not available due to flood disaster — occurs, decisive measures shall be taken and temporary, mobile stalls shall be set up to guarantee the supply of life necessities.

The notification also requires that local competent departments of commerce shall strictly follow Emergency Administrative Measures of Market Supply of Life Necessities, reinforcing the implementation of contingency plan and refining safeguard measures of market supply. 24-hour emergency duty shall be carried out in disaster areas, ensuring good communication. In case of abnormal market fluctuations, emergency procedures shall be executed immediately under the unified instructions and leadership of local Party Committees and governments.